Arcadia is paid for financial advice and is compensated solely by you, the client. We do not earn commissions by selling you financial products so our recommendations are meant to benefit you, not to generate fees. Stockbrokers and other commission-based advisors are only required to sell you a “suitable” investment.

We keep your costs down by using institutional-class shares of mutual and exchange traded funds not available to retail investors. We also use no-load mutual funds with minimal transaction costs. Commissions are another way that most advisers receive some or most of their income. You may pay far more than you realize as commissions are often buried (most notably in insurance products).

Many finesse the situation by calling themselves “fee-based”. A fee-based planner can receive fees paid by you, as well as commissions from brokerage firms, mutual fund and insurance companies, and investment partnerships. Our fee-only structure supports our goal of building relationships based on trust and integrity. As our client, your best interest is our top priority.