The world of investing can, at times, seem a confusing and overwhelming place. But it doesn’t have to be. We pride ourselves in the ability to take complicated subject matter and discuss it with our clients in a manner that is easily understood. In our opinion, educating our clients is as important as anything we do and we think it critical in helping our clients become successful investors.

At Arcadia Investment Advisors, we’ve seen good markets and difficult markets come and go. And we can certainly empathize with the emotions that accompany stock market volatility. A large part of what we do is to help take the emotion out of investing for our clients. Here is what we offer:

You’re welcome to come in and sit with us for a while. We’ll make sure we understand what is important to you now, and what matters most with respect to your financial future. Then we’ll review your portfolio with you.

A cup of coffee and a second opinion

If we think your investments continue to be appropriate, despite current market turmoil, we’ll gladly tell you so, and send you on your way. If, on the other hand, we think some of your holdings are no longer suitable based on what’s important to you, we’ll explain why. And, if you like, we’ll recommend some alternatives.

Either way, the coffee's on us.